I write historical novels set in the not-so-distant past. My stories are often set in Appalachia in general and West Virginia (my home) in particular. I hope that my stories of forgiveness, redemption, and hope will bring you joy while also inspiring you to appreciate the beauty of my mountains even half so much as I do.

My award-wining stories include these and more. Click HERE to explore them all! (And support independent bookstores.)

What People Say

“Once in a while a new author comes along with a work that makes you sit up and take notice. Thomas has crafted a tale of this proportion.”

Library Journal – starred review of Miracle in a Dry Season

“Wonderful, simply wonderful. A story of love, healing, and forgiveness sure to grip the heart of every reader.”

Debbie Macomber – Miracle in a Dry Season

“Set in 1930 West Virginia, this standalone novel draws on themes of mercy, understanding, and loving your neighbor amidst the dangers of lawless vengeance and moonshine runs.”

Booklist – When Silence Sings

Let’s talk Appalachia!

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