Appalachian Thursday – A Tour of Beverly, WV

The first copies of The Right Kind of Fool starting hitting mailboxes this week! If you have yet to get your copy, I thought you might like a tour of the story’s setting while you wait!

The first photo is downtown Beverly and all of those buildings were there in 1934 when Loyal and Rebecca walked along the street. The bank is on the corner and there’s the store where Loyal admired a window display.

The Randolph County Jail had moved to Elkins by 1934, but I put Sheriff Virgil White’s office in the old building.

The Odd Fellows Hall shows up several times and Creed makes the obvious joke about being odd enough without joining a club to prove it.

The downtown square is the scene of a pageant reenacting the Civil War Battle of Rich Mountain–the thing the town is probably most famous for.

It’s SO much fun walking around inside the settings for my stories. I’m now totally hooked on writing stories in REAL places I can visit. And maybe you can, too!

Have you ever visited West Virginia? Tell me where you’ve been and maybe I’ll set a story there!

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6 thoughts on “Appalachian Thursday – A Tour of Beverly, WV

  1. Elkins & Davis, WV are the 2 that most stand out in my mind which I’ve visited. Been to other places, but . . . . they win my memories!!!

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