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3 thoughts on “Keeping in Touch

      1. Sarah, I want to wright to you and I’m not sure this is the way to reach you . I have never written to a author before but I so enjoyed your books Appalachian Blessings I wantd you to understand why. I was born inBeckley WV in 1946 to a post war pilot and a school teacher. When I read your first book I was only disappointed only that it didn’t start a decade earlier. I now live in a small community in WV just south of Cumberland Md. My town is Short Gap, however my mailing address is Ridgeley, WV. I have traveled the roads from Ridgeley to Morgantown to Clarksburg to Fairmont through Summersville and on to Beckley many time over the past fifty three years. When I started my travels it took eight hours and now thanks to many changes I can make it is four hours. Before leaving Beckley for college, in 1966, I worked as a waitress at what was then the Glasshouse on the WV Turnpike. As the years passed I watched the New River Gorge Bridge built and have pictures of two of my sons standing on cement base for this bridge. My husband, as many others did, received a speeding ticket while passing through Summerville. Since the Tamarack was built my family frequently enjoys Sunday Dinner at the Tamarack browse the crafts displayed. We have often visited many of the riverside stores and shared a hot dog while watching the New River amble along. I only have two family members living in Beckley now, my 62 year old brother and my alert and action 90 year old uncle. Each time your story mention a place so familiar to my I was able to remember the happy times related to that area. Thank you so much for these books. Sharon Welch Kimble Leatherman

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