Dogs I’ve Known

leo-thistleI’m a dog person. It’s not that I dislike cats, it’s just that I LOVE dogs. All dogs. I pet them in parking lots through cracks in windows. I cross the street so I can give them a pat. I almost like them better than the friends who own them. Slobbery, dirty, hairy, smelly–I don’t care. I love dogs. One of my biggest challenges in life is NOT petting a service dog. I always ask, “Is he working?” even though I already know the answer. Then I clasp my hands behind my back and try not to make eye contact.

But the dogs know. Of course they do–they’re dogs.

So I thought I’d share a selection of photos of the dogs I’ve know over the years. Because you should love dogs, too.


4 thoughts on “Dogs I’ve Known

  1. I just finished Miracle in a Dry Season. Thanks for a wonderful read. I also love dogs and I love the people who love dogs. I live in Weaverville and was happy to learn that you are local. Hope to find more books by you.
    Helen J. Letner

  2. I love dogs! I too have crossed a street just to pet a dog! It seems they know someone who is crazy about dogs as well. I have been slobbered on and had “my ears cleaned”(just an expression) as well as my face many times. Since my husband brought home my first dachshund in 1976 I have had anywhere from 1 to 3 of these crazy little dogs. They have enriched our family’s lives with their devotion and my children learned what caring for an animal that loves you as well. Thanks Sarah for showing yet another side of who you are. Who couldn’t like someone who loves dogs!

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